Domestic Violence Attorney

After experiencing domestic violence, you want to feel safe. At Family Law, we strive to provide you with excellent service to help you feel protected. As your domestic violence attorney, we charge a very fair and reasonable attorney fee so that money does not have to be one of your concerns. Here at Family Law we are dedicated to helping you receive the results that you deserve, and we include you in the entire process, so you can understand the steps that we take to help you get justice.

Since 1974, we at Richard Young & Associates have been working hard to find justice for our clients at the lowest expense possible. During these tough times, you do not want to be worrying about legal costs and fees, that’s why Family Law works in a timely manner to help keep your legal expenses as low as possible. With our five star reviews, you can be sure that we satisfy our clients with our diligence and dedication to each and every case. We do our best to help you feel safe and protected with our professional attorneys. Put your trust in Family Law and allow us to represent you as your domestic violence attorney.

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