Communication is key in any legal practice. At Richard Young and Associates, we work hard to maintain communication between our clients and our firm. Additionally, we want to help you communicate with your opposing party in order to resolve the conflict in a calm and focused manner. With our mediation services, both parties are provided the opportunity to communicate in the presence of an attorney to help come to an agreement or compromise. Mediation occurs prior to litigation and gives you the opportunity to resolve issues before taking it to court. This directly gives you a say in the solution rather than leaving it in the hands of the judge. Mediation offers you the option to resolve the issue before incurring significant costs from bringing the case to court.

Here at Richard Young and Associates, we understand how the system works. We can help you and the other party come to a solution that will best suit your current situation. By using our mediation services, you can be sure that you will receive our candid and helpful input in the case, as well as a contained style of communication. If you believe that mediation services can be helpful in your situation, contact Family Law Richard E. Young & Associates today!

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